Civil Forfeiture


Normally when your property is taken, you call the police. But who do you call when the police are the ones who have taken your property? Unfortunately, this happens every day under a process called “civil forfeiture.” People whose property or assets that are seized by law enforcement during the course of an arrest or traffic stop often don’t know how to get their property back from the police, or they live in fear that they will be charged with a crime for even trying.

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What is Civil Forfeiture?

Civil forfeiture statutes give the federal and state law enforcement agencies the right to seize property or assets that they believe was involved in or represents proceeds of, a crime.  However, very little evidence is required to take property.  Even innocent property owners are not spared, as law enforcement can take their assets even though someone else used them to commit a crime, for example.  Civil forfeiture has expanded exponentially in the United States in the last twenty years.  In the last decade alone the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Treasury Department has seized nearly $29 billion worth of assets.


What Can the Government Seize?

Forfeiture laws allow law enforcement to take assets or property of any size or value if they believe the assets are associated with a crime. This includes cash, vehicles, bank accounts, jewelry, and even real estate.

Ultimately, because civil forfeiture targets only the asset, and not the people who may have owned or used it, any asset can be forfeited as long as law enforcement can prove that it was more likely than not connected to a crime regardless of the owner’s involvement.

If your property or assets were seized by law enforcement, The Law Firm of Boddie & Associates LLC. may be able to help you.  There are few attorneys in the Metro Atlanta area that are experienced at facing off with the government to reclaim property taken under civil forfeiture laws.

If you are looking for help recovering assets taken by law enforcement, contact The Law Firm of Boddie & Associates LLC., today for a case evaluation.


 How Can The Law Firm of Boddie & Associates, LLC. Help Recover Your Property?

Typically, civil forfeiture proceedings call for the expertise of an experienced attorney.  However, some victims of civil forfeiture try to go at it alone, only to risk losing their property and assets to law enforcement.  If your property was taken because of an alleged connection to a crime, Attorney William K. Boddie, Jr. can assist with providing the necessary legal know-how to help you get some or all of your assets back.

To learn more about how we may be able to help with assets seizure, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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